Standard Metal Blue Grass Trio


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  • Virgin Females X 2
  • Quality Male X 1

Metal Blue Grass Trio


Guppy Club 0.0 / 5.0

Metal Blue Grass Trio 2 X Virgin Females 1 X Male

This trio has been hand selected. These fish are exceptional quality however are typically smaller or are missing the specific trait I am looking to enhance... it doesn't mean they are bad fish just not what I am looking for at this particular time to improve my line. For example if I am looking for a longer dorsal or larger fish.

These fish would ordinerilly sell for about $90 to $120 for a trio from an importer and you would not be guaranteed a virgin female!

If product shows no stock it means that there is none available right now. Please email me to register your interest and I will put you on a waiting list.

Whats In Box

2 X Guaranteed Virgin Females 1 X Quality Male


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