Cobalt Black Dumbo Ear Fancy Guppy

Kyabram Guppies

Phone: 0421618994
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Suburb: Kyabram
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About Kyabram Guppies

In 2018 I have set up a breeding aquarium after an 8 year unavoidable break from the hobby and passion. I am now building up 8 lines of Fancy Guppies.

Metal Blue Grass
Metal Snakeskin Blue Grass
Cobalt Black Dumbo Ears Mosaics
Albino German Yellows
Half Black Whites
Yellow Snakeskin Cobras
Santa Maria Ivory Mosaics
Blue Bird Dumbo Ears

All are for sale in the store (if available). I am not 100% happy with the stock I have however know that I can square it up over the next few generations.

I look forward to meeting you all in the forums here at and I'm keen to assist in building interest in Fancy Guppies. Not much has changed since 2008 and it is still really hard to get decent stock here in AU. I'm keen to share knowledge and also pick up hints and tips and tricks from fellow Fancy Guppy Keepers.

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