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Dumbo Mosaic

One of my Mosaic Dumbo's. I never thought much of the "dumbo" concept but it's certainly growing on me; They really do look amazing.

Welcome to it's great to have you here. Guppies are one of the most rewarding aquarium fish. Whether you are interested in breeding a strain of guppies for a specific colour or fin type, you just like the vivid display of colour in your general aquarium or you have keen interest in genetics guppies will fit the bill.

This site is for those that have an interest for whatever reason and wish to draw on the knowledge and experience of a like minded community. Australia doesn't seem to have quite the abundance of Guppy breeders and hobbyists as other parts of the world. I'm hoping that will change and that this little spot on the web encourages and inspires other Aussies to get involved!

Anyone wishing to contribute please feel free to contact me... the more the merrier. Otherwise post your questions in the forums, pictures in the galleries and get involved.

I will always try and link to content instead of plagiarise as I don't really like to re-create the wheel.

Happy fish keeping! 


Contact Details

I don't mind being contacted by fellow hobbyists however I don't take too kindly to unsolicited attempts to sell me something. I don't give anyone permission to add my email or phone to their lead databases.


+61 421 618 994


Kyabram is aproximately 200klm north of Melbourne between Shepparton and Echuca as the crow flies.